It's Time To Own A Successful Online Boutique

This course is designed for you to launch your luxury boutique online. Whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience in e-commerce, our course will provide you with the knowledge and strategies you need to succeed.

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You dream of leaving your 9-to-5 to run your online boutique full-time from home. You can!

After years of having a rough idea of what kind of boutique you'd like to start or after starting your online boutique and not knowing where to go next let me assure you that you are in the right place.

When you have a Luxury Boutique Launch there is so much you will be able to do:

  • You can grow your boutique to infinite financial success
  • You can decide when and how long your work week will be
  • You can make an impact doing what you love while helping others


You have no idea how to make this happen

  • You don't know how to decide what action is the right action to take next to get results
  • You have watched countless YouTube videos and thrown spaghetti at the wall to (big surprise) no avail
  • You don't know how to choose product or price it to sell in a market that seems so saturated
  • You may even post on social media and only get likes from family and friends or worse hear crickets
  • You are uncertain if you have time to get it all done and that inventory you bought isn't going to sell itself

Here's the truth

It doesn't have to be this way

You need the answers to exactly how to make your online boutique a success and we have them in a simple actionable 5-step framework!

"This program helped me connect with my community and create returning customers. I wouldn't be here without it."

Reni, Luxury Boutique Launch

Luxury Boutique Launch

The Proven 5-Step Framework For Your Successful Luxury Boutique Launch

Proven 5-Step Framework

We are giving you the art and science to succeed in simple, clear actionable steps.

Daily Ongoing Support

Support is at your fingertips. We are available 24/5 to answer any questions you have or ideas you want to share.

Private Community

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Lifetime Access

You get access to the Luxury Boutique Launch course and all additional materials and updates added to the course.

Here's what you'll learn

Everything You Need For Your Successful Luxury Boutique Launch

Module 1

Mindset Makeover

To own a successful luxury online boutique you have to think and act like a successful luxury online boutique owner. There is an abundance of success waiting for you when you decide to receive it. You just have to shift your mindset and elevate your viewpoint.

Module 2

Products, Pricing And Profit

We are going to locate your product, define your target audience, define how your product helps your audience and price your product so you are seeing the marginal profits of your business make dollars and sense. 

Module 3

Branding Mastery

Here we craft your brand story and help your customers see themselves as your brand hero. This will create your roadmap for every marketing message, email sequence, product description and luxury launch you have now and in the future.

Module 4

Social Luxury

If your pricing is your positioning, then your packaging is the money in the bank. Showing up online is a matter of love at first sight. We have the tools to get you out there and make you the eye candy everyone wants a piece of.

Module 5

Marketing Mastery

Marketing is an art and science and we have the mastery you will use to get your audience dialed in, excited to hear from you and shop with you each and every time they see you. You just have to meet them where they are at and we have the systems to put that in place for you.


Launch Mastery

When you pay in full you get a special one time only offer to be trained exclusively by Aliyah on the personal branding you need to show up online powerfully for your brand

How does this sound?

Your life after taking this course...

  • can take you and your business to the level of financial success you have been dreaming of and beyond
  • can allow you to quit your dreadful 9 to 5 and unboss your current boss
  • can give you the fulfillment you crave by selling products you believe in that make a positive impact
  • can have the time freedom that will give you the quality of life you desire and quality time with your loved ones
  • can transform your life and business to be everything you have ever imagined and more!

Diana created profitable packaging:

"My audience is big on shopping for the entire family. I made packages that met the needs of the entire family and saw a spike in demand."

LaChelle raised her prices and increased sales:

"I used the pricing strategy to set a 4x increase in price. I immediately sold to a returning customer and new customers popped up too."

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  • Lifetime Access To Course Updates
  • 24/5 Support At Your Fingertips
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